That is, scanning thermoregulatory diagnostics is a type of examination of the organism, which consists in measuring body temperature with an infrared sensor in 3 short series at a short distance from the skin surface (at the front and back of the upper half of the body). The study itself is extremely fast and simple, but the amount of information we can get is really impressive.

The treatment is a very valuable complement to the comprehensive human diagnostics, while what gives him an advantage over the classic tests available in medical facilities is, in addition to a comprehensive assessment of the state of health, the ability to detect diseases at the level of changes in the energy circulation system and the connection between the state of emotional disorders with the state of somatic disorders (which have already occurred in the body). It sounds mysterious, however, the whole is based on mathematical analysis, and the repeatability of the study is clinically confirmed.

Every ailment always begins in the structures of the body affected by energy flow disorders. If the changes in the flow of energy are chronic, the disease is manifested in the body in the form of somatic ailments. The application of the STRD method allows for the application of early and effective health prophylaxis. At present, there is no uniform preventive method in the world that would assess the state of energy disorders in a repetitive manner and in accordance with scientific methodology.

To perform a comprehensive prophylactic examination you need to do a lot of different tests ranging from morphology and biochemistry of blood and urine through electrophysiological tests such as ECG, EEG, to very sophisticated imaging tests such as CT, MRI, PET. All these tests describe the state of the organism deviating from the anatomical or chemical norm. However, they are not able to describe the disturbances from the point of view of energy changes. Moreover, classical research does not describe a human being as a whole, but as a collection of chemical particles or organs. The STRD study allows us to see humans as an anatomical, chemical and psychological unity.