Mc Kenzie’s Spine Therapy

Get rid of back pain, sciatica, hand numbness and other spinal ailments by yourself at home with two simple exercises. Get to know the structure of the spine, find out why it hurts and apply prophylaxis in everyday life. The method was discovered, largely by a coincidence, by New Zealand physiotherapist Robin McKenzie, and developed in the 1950s.

Even though this method has been developed so long ago, it is still valid in her assumptions. Especially nowadays, when we work more in sitting position and move less. Since the most common reason for back pain, excluding injuries, is slouching position that outweighs bending backwards during our lifetime. The imbalance is main cause of strains, which in combination with bad nutrition and collagen deficiency result in spinal ailments. The vertebral discs displacement are the main cause of back and limbs pain. 90% of these ailments come from discs pressing spinal nerves.

Back in the days, the most common solution was surgical disc treatment to release the pressure. Sometimes, it would help only for a certain amount of time, and then the pain would come back again. Therefore, before we decide to apply surgery, this method is worth checking out. There are people who are getting pain relieve in just 15 minutes! During our session, we will help you bring your spine back to its  most natural curve, and we will show you how to bring discs back into their original position.  We will also show you how to how to maintain this effect later in everyday’s life.