Applied kinesiology

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, kinesiology assumes that diseases carry with them the weakening of corresponding structures in the muscular system. The weakening of certain muscles may correlate with a particular disease. Kinesiology, due to muscle tests, enables diagnosing the state of internal organs and the flow of energy in the body.

This is a safe and practical touch-healing process of balancing the body’s natural energies to ease discomfort of common aches, pains and stresses of daily living. It is a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine principles like those used in acupuncture/acupressure and recent Western developments in wellness and preventive health care.

Determines where the imbalances lie in the combined spirit, body and mind. Using muscle testing, the effects of stress on the neurological areas of the body, such as the brain and spinal column are determined. Using its own energy for healing, the limbs and body are placed in particular positions and pressure is gently applied as a means to open any blockages and remove stressful blocks. 

Kinesiology is not just for people who are feeling below par. It can help you perform better at work, in sport and in other areas of your life.