Clavi Therapy

Today, we know for sure that most diseases result from stress, which is the various origins of mental tensions that trigger a cascade of unfavourable events for the body. During therapy, the body is treated holistically, so we do not limit ourselves to the basic procedure. Natural nutrition and four very simple and short physical exercises are essential elements that significantly improve its effects. It should be used at least throughout the whole therapeutic process, and it is best to introduce it permanently into the daily routine as part of health prevention and body and mind hygiene. The author of the method is a Polish doctor of psychology Ferdynand Barbasiewicz. His intellectual wealth now benefits hundreds of doctors and therapists and, above all, people suffering from such serious diseases as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and many other neurodegenerative diseases. Clavitherapy is a versatile method – it is perfect for both emergency and chronic cases. It can successfully treat conditions from colds through injuries to autoimmune diseases. Its action covers all the systems in the body – digestive, respiratory, circulatory, reproductive, osteo-muscular and many others.

Functional Visceral Therapy or Old Slavic Stomach Massage

Like cupping and acupressure, the method is as old as the world. It comes from traditional Slavic medicine. Its essence is mainly prevention of abdominal dysfunction. Working with minimal pressure, the therapist is able to achieve deep relaxation of the smooth muscles of the internal organs, as well as tensions between the individual organs and the spine.

As a result, the circulation of body fluids, i.e. blood and lymph, improves significantly, and thus the work of key organs, i.e. stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas, which in turn is of great importance for the quality of our digestion. In addition to the digestive organs, you can improve your uterus, ovaries, breasts, prostate, bladder, kidneys. One of the main causes of abdominal dysfunction is emotional tension. Therefore, the treatment of Functional Visceral Therapy should gently relax the tension of the organs of the abdominal cavity and calm down emotions. Massage perfectly detoxifies the body and prevents the formation of many abnormalities in the digestive and genitourinary system (including constipation, appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome, stones in the kidneys and follicle). If, however, an organ disorder has developed into a disease, visceral therapy is a fantastic tool to support the recovery process.

Applied kinesiology
It is a medical science that deals with a comprehensive approach to patient health, both in the process of treatment and rehabilitation, as well as in prevention, i.e. prevention of disease. Diagnostic and therapeutic methods are based on natural methods, individually selected for each patient. The assessment of the organism is based on steps whose sequence is selected according to the needs and state of the system – after the initial assessment, an individual therapy and/or rehabilitation program is implemented, based on the needs of a specific organism.
According to the assumptions of kinesiology, everything that has a negative impact on the body, weakens the strength of muscles. And on this indicator the diagnostic and therapeutic part of the method is based. By means of simple muscle tests, the therapist is able to detect disorders in individual organs and systems, while having at his disposal therapeutic tools (in case of possible disorders).
Kinesiology is one of the new fields of medical science, but is based on a very old method that has been used in China for centuries. Today, research and studies in this field are conducted by Oxford University.


That is, healing through pressure – a recognised and proven method that has been used for thousands of years. Safe enough to be used even in children. It offers great possibilities of not only symptomatic but also prophylactic and, most importantly, it can be used at home without the need to become addicted to a therapist.

Shiatsu massage

Extremely gentle full body massage that simultaneously relaxes all muscles and stimulates the circulation of energy. It allows you to achieve deep relaxation and relaxation of tense structures and unblocks the system of energy channels. Uses the body’s natural ability to self-repair. Shiatsu is a method in which the thumbs and hands of a therapist are used to exert pressure on specific areas of the body in order to remove body disorders, maintain or improve health and reduce various ailments. It is a milder form of acupressure, effective in many health problems such as headaches and migraines, spinal and back pain, pressure disorders, obesity, rheumatism and many others.

Craniosacral Therapy

The cerebrospinal fluid carries health information and supplies it to all tissues. Uninterrupted flow of cerebrospinal fluid enables proper development and functioning of the entire body. As a result of injuries, displaced emotions and diseases, this flow is disturbed or even blocked, which may manifest itself in tension, pain and lack of energy to live.

Cranio-sacral therapy is based on restoring natural rhythm and removing blockages in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid by gentle touch. It causes deep relaxation and enables regeneration of the central nervous system. During the procedure, which lasts on average about 1 hour, the therapist performs specific therapeutic systems, also used in other osteopathic approaches, touching the patient’s body in different places: on the skull, chest, sacrum, feet.

This therapy has become known in many countries as an excellent tool to work with patients in case of pain, swelling and diseases of the locomotive system, nervous system, hormonal system, digestive system, immune system. The list of ailments includes migraines, fatigue, hyperactivity, epilepsy, depressions, neuroses, sleep disorders, states after coma, strokes, menstrual disorders, some infertility, diabetes, functional pains, constipation, diarrhoea, colic, frequent infections, perinatal traumas of the child and mother, states requiring manipulation of the skull bone (e.g., abnormalities of the brain, strokes, infertility, diabetes, functional pains, constipation, diarrhoea, colic, frequent infections, perinatal traumas of the child and mother, states requiring manipulation of the skull bone (e.g., abnormalities of the head, abnormalities of the head). after dental and surgical intervention, problems with concentration, hyperactivity in children and adults, stress, dyslexia, problems at school, MPDZ, psychomotor hyperactivity, autism, prematurity, sight and hearing problems, recurrent ear inflammation in children and adults, sinusitis, tension and pain in the temporomandibular joint, ejection of the mandible, speech defects, teeth grinding and malocclusion, as well as spine and back pain, nerve root inflammation, sciatica, scoliosis, painful shoulder tensions and others. The process of balancing the patient’s body, which began during the therapy, does not end at the end of the procedure, but has a time of about 48 hours to adjust the body to the new level of balance. For this reason, it is recommended that the therapy should not be carried out more often than every two or three days.

Musculoskeletal relaxation treatment

A technique based on working with the fascia system, which creates a tendon-like skeleton on which all our tissues, organs and locomotor apparatus hang. Also absolutely painless, but extremely effective method of loosening all tensions and contractions of muscles and tendons, and even old scars! Releases all blockages caused by pathological contraction caused by e.g. prolonged stress or single, severe or minor injury. It works perfectly in combination with Craniosacral Therapy.

Cupping therapy

Unspecific immunity of the organism is the one with which we come to the world. We can and should work on specific immunity ourselves. Especially bubbles are a good way to do this – a simple procedure, as old as the world, and above all, effective. What do these bubbles actually do and what does it do for who? The so-called “fire bubble” through heating the air inside of it, after applying it to a cooler skin it creates a vacuum on the surface of it, which causes sucking the skin into the inside of the bubble and extravagating the blood.

This extravagant blood is treated as a foreign body and antibodies are collected in this place, which clean both the “intruder” and the area around J. So it activates the system. immune system and improves microcirculation, having a beneficial effect on such ailments as all kinds of infections, especially in the early stages, injuries, autoimmune diseases and a number of annoying ailments ranging from tinnitus, through all sorts of pains and dizziness, to smaller and larger cleansing of the body, regulation of metabolism and weight or improvement of the functioning of the nervous system.

ear candling

Perfectly relaxing and cleansing ear canal “Hopi candles” – soaked in herbs and beeswax, rolled up linen roll, which by burning itself gently stuck in the ear, creates a vacuum which perfectly cleans the ear canals from residual secretion.  Simple hygienic treatment, extremely relaxing and helpful in all kinds of problems in the nose, throat, eyes, sinuses.

Spine therapy

Spine therapy, in which we use McKenzie’s method, Alexander’s technique and broadly understood education of a person suffering from ailments.

There is no point in writing about how important physical activity is anymore. Movement is our basic physiological need right next to hydration, sleep, oxygen, food, excretion et cetera. It should be stressed that it should not be too strenuous. The most physiological is 50% of our capacity. It should be pleasant, though.

After training we have to feel the tide, not the outflow of energy. The best form of activity is walking but not only. Each of us can choose the form of activity that we like the most. The best results will be achieved by daily and systematic activity. 

 We would be happy to show you and support you in the formation of a good habit of everyday exercise, suitable for everyone, regardless of age and abilities.

STRD – coming soon…

That is, scanning thermoregulatory diagnostics is a type of examination of the organism, which consists in measuring body temperature with an infrared sensor in 3 short series at a short distance from the skin surface (at the front and back of the upper half of the body). The study itself is extremely fast and simple, but the amount of information we can get is really impressive.

The treatment is a very valuable complement to the comprehensive human diagnostics, while what gives him an advantage over the classic tests available in medical facilities is, in addition to a comprehensive assessment of the state of health, the ability to detect diseases at the level of changes in the energy circulation system and the connection between the state of emotional disorders with the state of somatic disorders (which have already occurred in the body). It sounds mysterious, however, the whole is based on mathematical analysis, and the repeatability of the study is clinically confirmed.

Every ailment always begins in the structures of the body affected by energy flow disorders. If the changes in the flow of energy are chronic, the disease is manifested in the body in the form of somatic ailments. The application of the STRD method allows for the application of early and effective health prophylaxis. At present, there is no uniform preventive method in the world that would assess the state of energy disorders in a repetitive manner and in accordance with scientific methodology.

To perform a comprehensive prophylactic examination you need to do a lot of different tests ranging from morphology and biochemistry of blood and urine through electrophysiological tests such as ECG, EEG, to very sophisticated imaging tests such as CT, MRI, PET. All these tests describe the state of the organism deviating from the anatomical or chemical norm. However, they are not able to describe the disturbances from the point of view of energy changes. Moreover, classical research does not describe a human being as a whole, but as a collection of chemical particles or organs. The STRD study allows us to see humans as an anatomical, chemical and psychological unity.

Other massages and treatments

– Classic therapeutic massage and aromatherapy
– Lymphatic drainage
– Lifting the face and neck
– Head massage